• Life Insurance*

    Imagine making a significant philanthropic gift regardless of the size of your estate and without any impact on the legacy you leave to your heirs. Using life insurance as a charitable giving tool allows you to make a generous gift at relatively modest cost.

    There are two ways to gift life insurance: You may name the Fraser Institute Foundation as either the owner, or as the beneficiary, of a policy.

    Benefits to naming the Foundation as owner

    • Life insurance proceeds are not subject to probate or other estate settlement fees.
    • You will receive tax receipts based on the present value of a paid-up policy or equal to the insurance premiums you pay for the policy.
    • Because you have chosen to name the Foundation as the beneficiary of a policy, there are no disputes about ownership of the policy proceeds.

    When you transfer ownership of a policy to any charity, the gift is irrevocable. If you choose to buy a new policy, you enter into a commitment that obliges you to pay premiums for a fixed term.

    Benefits to retaining ownership and choosing a beneficiary

    As policy owner, you still have the option to designate the beneficiary of the death proceeds. If you prefer to retain ownership of your policy and name the Foundation as beneficiary, your estate will receive a tax receipt for the proceeds after your passing.

    *Under section 152 of the Insurance Act, we cannot at this time accept life insurance policies as donations from BC residents.