• Securities

    Donations of publicly traded securities are now exempt from capital gains tax.

    Securities may include stocks, bonds, bills, warrants, and futures traded on approved stock exchanges in Canada and certain other countries. They also include mutual funds and employee stock options.

    Benefits to donating securities

    • Ordinarily, when you dispose of securities, you pay capital gains tax on 50% of the appreciated value. This tax applies to you and your estate. Donating securities to the Foundation eliminates these taxable capital gains.
    • You receive donation tax relief for the fair market value of the securities. If you donate securities during your lifetime, the tax credit or deduction can be claimed against up to 75% of your taxable income; if your total donations in a year exceed 75% of your income, the donation tax benefits can be carried forward for a maximum of five years.
    • By leaving a gift of securities in your Will, you can offset taxes owed on up to 100% of your taxable income in the year of death and the preceding year.