• Why Give

    By making a gift to the Fraser Institute Foundation, you are helping support the ongoing research and education programs of the Fraser Institute, Canada's leading public policy research organization.

    Everyday, governments make decisions and pass legislation that affects what Canadians can and cannot do, what they can and cannot purchase, and how much they pay in taxes.

    The Fraser Institute's research and education programs inform Canadians how these government decisions will affect their lives and what the consequences (good or bad) of these decisions will likely be.

    By publicizing its research and findings through newspapers, TV and radio newscasts, and web-based social media, the Fraser Institute shows Canadians how government policies will affect them. For example, the Institute demonstrates the impact of government policies on people's wallets (greater or less taxation), employment (job creation or job losses), health (longer or shorter wait times for medical care), or freedom of choice (government monopolies on auto insurance, prescriptive labour regulations).

    The Fraser Institute attempts to identify and define emerging public policy issues and make recommendations, based on empirical data and past academic research, on how these issues should best be addressed.

    Thanks to the Institute's research and education programs, governments across Canada have come to realize the benefits of reducing taxes, encouraging competition, and providing incentives that encourage investment and allow the market to work.

    Your gift to the Fraser Institute Foundation will

    • Ensure the Fraser Institute is able to carry on its extensive program of peer-reviewed research that explores how future generations of Canadians can be more prosperous and enjoy higher standards of living when government policies encourage free and open markets, individual choice, and personal responsibility;
    • Allow the Institute to continue to hold governments accountable and measure the effects on Canadians of the public policies governments implement; and
    • Enable the Institute to continue providing students, teachers, elected officials, journalists, and the general public with information, educational programs, and public speakers that explain the benefits of public choice economics.