• Dick Sheppard

    Dick SheppardWhen Dick Sheppard was asked why he had been such a loyal supporter of the Fraser Institute and why he was also including a bequest in his Will, the answer came quickly – a lifelong belief that we all have the responsibility to give back. After living through the heavy bombing of London in the early days of WWII, Dick volunteered for aircrew in order to give back and was sent to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan for pilot training. By 1946, released from the Royal Air Force, now married and working on educational/industrial films, Dick became very concerned at the then ongoing industrial strife in England and returned to Canada in 1950. By 1970, Dick’s work in the national marketing/media/advertising agency field led to him starting his own company, Independent Media Analysis Limited.

    Four years later, the Fraser Institute was established and Dick, feeling an immediate kinship, joined. He’d done well and by supporting the Institute and a few other charitable organizations, Dick was once again giving back. Sadly, after 62 years of marriage, Dick lost his beloved wife Irene in 2008 to Alzheimer’s. Their joint Will had been simple – all assets were to be shared equally between their three children.

    However, after attending the announcement of a generous gift to the Fraser Institute Foundation, the seed for leaving a legacy of his own was planted – in support of the Alzheimer Society and the Fraser Institute – and with his family gathered together, Dick explained why. Knowing the first would be obvious, Dick pointed out how the Fraser Institute’s activities benefited his children and grandchildren and would continue to do so when he was gone.