It was at a Fraser Institute Foundation donor stewardship event in the summer of 2012, while listening to an explanation of why the Planned Giving program is so important to the long-term future of the Institute, that a loyal donor realized making a current-day planned gift was the answer to challenges he was going to have with his taxes that year.

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Anonymous donorFraser Institute supporter since1991

A shrewd businessman, generous community supporter, visionary, and Fraser Institute donor, Dave Willliamson passed away in November 2010. He felt a strong attachment to the Institute's practical and conservative ideology and his generous bequest will help ensure our work continues.

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Dave WilliamsonSupporter and Bequest Donor2013

You must give back! You don't need to be a Warren Buffet or a Bill Gates - each of us according to our means - it's a sound, simple idea.

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Dick SheppardLong-time Fraser Institute Supporter2012
The Fraser Institute has a distinguished record of thought leadership in our country. Its founders started as a dissenting voice, defending against the socialist policies and runaway government spending of the 1970s. Today, the Institute’s paradigm-challenging studies, along with ‘if it matters, measure it’ analyses have made the Fraser Institute Canada’s most influential voice for economic freedom and accountable government.
Gwyn MorganFounding CEO, EnCana Corp.2010

I’m delighted to honour the great work which you have done. The Fraser Institute is very similar to the Institute of Economic Affairs in London, which had a tremendous influence on the whole of economic and political thought in Britain.

Margaret the Baroness Thatcher1994
It’s an Institute that you can trust, and it provides the kind of facts and analysis that will help direct better public policy in this country.
Mike Harris22nd Premier of Ontario2009
Within Canada, the Fraser Institute has become by far the most influential think-tank on problems of economic and social policy. Without the steady drumbeat from Fraser, it is my considered opinion that inflation would be considerably higher in Canada today than it is, and so would government spending as a fraction of income.
Milton FriedmanNobel Prize-winning economist1999
The Fraser Institute doesn’t just believe in economic freedom. It has researched the subject and found that economic freedom works. In addition to unassailable research, the Institute’s emphasis on clear thinking over wishful thinking has made it the leading institute of its kind in Canada.
Peter MunkFounder and Chairman, Barrick Gold Corp.2010

Rod, a retired consulting engineer and long-time Fraser Institute supporter, has travelled to many developing countries, which has given him a real appreciation of the Fraser Institute's work on many key issues. As a result, Rod decided to leave a legacy of freedom and prosperity by naming the Fraser Institute Foundation as the beneficiary of several of his registered investment accounts.

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Rod WilmoreSupporter and planned gift donor 2011
The Fraser Institute has become, in the first 30 years of its existence, one of the leading advocates of freedom, liberty, and free and competitive markets in the whole world. We all have learned a lot from its activity.
Václav KlausPresident, Czech Republic2004